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Motor oil VAMP 5W-40 ENERGY

High-quality semi-synthetic motor oil VAMP 5W-40 ENERGY was developed for gasoline and diesel engines (including those with moderate supercharging) of cars, minibuses and trucks in accordance with the instructions from the vehicle manufacturers. Optimally selected components ensure high multigrade performance: excellent wear protection, reduced fuel consumption, minimum burning consumption and formation of deposits on the surfaces of engine parts. Stability of the characteristics allows increasing oil change interval even in heavy duty conditions. The oil provides high anti-wear and cleansing properties. It was developed in accordance with modern technology using the latest additive packages.


- High performance stability in extreme operating conditions;

- Maximum possible extension of the engine life and oil change intervals;

- Reliable protection of the engine against wear and guaranteed easy start of the engine at low temperatures;

- Engine protection against carbon and oxidizing processes.

Sanitary-hygienic conclusion: