Private label

Private Label

PRIVATE LABEL is one of the most important activities of the company, which has a successful history in the creation of exclusive products. We actively co-operate with Ukrainian and foreign partners, who bring products under their brands to the market. The company practices an individual approach to each client, which will include the development of recipes, product preparation, packaging selection, labeling, transport packaging. The presence of its own laboratory, powerful production and high professionalism of specialists allows to produce the highest quality products.


  • We have a powerful production base and experience in producing products.
  • We offer a complete production cycle – from development of the label design to creation of the unique formulation of the product, its manufacture and packaging.
  • The products meet the highest standards of quality and regulatory requirements.
  • A certified laboratory can develop a recipe individually upon request from a client.
  • We have experience of such cooperation with more than 100 customers from Ukraine and other countries.
  • We offer own-produced packaging.


#1 Briefing on the product manufacturing

#2 Technical assignment working out

#3 Project term approval

#4 Making formulation, provision of samples, approval of the reference sample

#5 Purchase of raw materials and components for production

#6 Production and delivery of products to the customer's warehouse


The Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant offers unlimited possibilities for the development of individual products for the production of Private Label. We offer a comprehensive solution for the launch of a new product under one brand:

Our opportunities for packing Private Label. The company offers more than 200 types of containers of various shapes and volumes: from 250 ml to 30 liters, packaging in IBC containers or pouring. We provide packaging development services according to your requirements and wishes, using your molds. By cooperating with us, you get the finished products under your own brand at the earliest possible time. Powerful production resource and modern quality management system guarantee the high-quality production! We invite to mutually beneficial cooperation!