​In July, our company expanded its product range. The new canister is in the range of containers from Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant!
Let everything be stable at the molecular level and in the most complex interweaving of chemical chains!
​Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant continues to expand the geography of supplies of VAMP brand products.
Dear women, congratulations on March 8!
On the occasion of the approaching New Year holidays, the Cherkasy Auto Chemistry Plant thanks you for your cooperation, support and trust during 2020!
Plastic jerricans 200 ml and 1 litre — development of the company’s technologists
We are glad to inform you about rebranding of TM VAMP.
Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant within the framework of the project on expansion of product range and rebranding of the VAMP brand presents new products
Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant joins the COVID-19 world countermeasures with the release of its own line of products for hygienic treatment of hands and surfaces of VIRUSAFE brand.
​The range of VAMP coolants has been expanded with a range of ready-mix antifreezes designed for use in moderate climatic conditions at an ambient temperature of at least -30°C.
Dear friends, customers and business partners!
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