We are glad to inform you about rebranding of TM VAMP.
Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant within the framework of the project on expansion of product range and rebranding of the VAMP brand presents new products
Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant joins the COVID-19 world countermeasures with the release of its own line of products for hygienic treatment of hands and surfaces of VIRUSAFE brand.
​The range of VAMP coolants has been expanded with a range of ready-mix antifreezes designed for use in moderate climatic conditions at an ambient temperature of at least -30°C.
Dear friends, customers and business partners!
Cherkasy autochemistry Plant has expanded the range of the VAMP brand with antifreezes.
The new anti-counterfeiting technology serves to protect VAMP brand buyers from purchasing non-original products.
We are pleased to inform you about rebranding of VAMP trademark.
Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant LLC congratulates you on the holiday — Independence Day of Ukraine!
We are glad to welcome you to the updated site of Cherkassy Autochemistry Plant!
Dear friends, customers and business partners!
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
Dear partners!
From September 12, 2018 Cherkassy Autochemistry Plant ceased cooperation with GPL in the field of distribution of brands ChAP, due to the systematic non-fulfillment of sales plans
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