VAMP 10W-30 4T API SG/CD and VAMP 10W-40 4T API SJ, SG motor oils are high-quality low-ash oils specifically designed for four-stroke engines in generators, motorcycles, tillers, and other equipment. They provide optimal protection and performance for engines even under harsh operating conditions.
Two-stroke engines are used in various machinery, from scooters and motorcycles to lawnmowers and brushcutters. For their reliable operation, special oil mixed with gasoline is required. 2T Vamp oil is specifically designed for such engines, ensuring their efficiency and longevity.
​Chemist's Day! This is a celebration of science, creativity, and limitless potential. For our chemical production, this is a special day when we can be proud of our achievements, innovations, and contributions to the industry's development.
We wish you peace, harmony, and prosperity!
A planting campaign requires special attention to detail, particularly when it comes to the efficient operation of agricultural machinery. In this process, the choice of components such as motor oils and antifreeze should not be overlooked. They are necessary to ensure optimal and uninterrupted machine performance and preserve their effectiveness.
LLC Cherkasy Auto Chemical Plant has been known in Ukraine for a long time, has a wide range of products that you can find in specialized stores, service centers, service stations and even in small shops near the house. The history of formation is a long way from the idea of one person to the implementation and construction of production by a large team, a road in length of more than 20 years.
​We always believe in miracles, over the years we become adults, but we want to see miracles and believe in all the best, a special time is the New Year holidays.
Do you change your brake fluid on time? The stability of the braking system is not only for your safety but also for the safety of your passengers. We recommend changing the brake fluid on time. The Cherkasy autochemistry plant produces a wide range of brake fluids to meet the needs of all cars: «Neva,» «Neva-super,» «DOT-3,» «DOT-4,» «DOT-4 Ultra.»
The Feast of the Intercession, known for a long time, was celebrated with special reverence. The most devoted supporters of the holiday were the Cossacks, who erected temples and churches in honor of the Holy Intercession. The Day of the Intercession has its important historical events in the history of Ukraine. On this day, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army was officially formed, and over the years, this holiday has become not only religious but also national.
At the end of summer, on August 24th, the birthday of our country in 2023 marks its 32nd year. This young nation, still in its formative stage, is currently going through its most challenging period in modern history. In school, our history teachers taught us and spoke about Kievan Rus, the establishment of the Kievan State in the 9th century, the great diplomat of Europe, Yaroslav the Wise, the Christianization of Rus by Vladimir the Great, and Princess Olga…
The blue and yellow color combination serves as symbols of Ukraine in their modern interpretation: blue symbolizes the clear sky as a sign of peace, while yellow represents ripened wheat fields as a symbol of prosperity.
​FEATURES OF TWO-STROKE ENGINES Two-stroke engines, unlike four-stroke ones, do not have a separate oil piping system. Lubrication in such motors is carried out by mixing 2T brand oil with gasoline in a certain proportion. The engine receives a mixture of fuel, air and lubricant particles. When the substance in the cylinder burns out, the oil is burned simultaneously with it.
​Dear colleagues and partners, Every year, on the last Sunday of May, we celebrate Chemist's Day and honor the hard work of professionals in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Today's challenges require coordinated and responsible efforts from all of us. We work not only for the present but also for the future. We believe, we know, and we are approaching new achievements!
Our company offers a wide range of high-quality motor oils specially developed for agricultural machines. Our products guarantee the efficient operation of engines and extended service life, which is an important factor for your successful business.
​We wish you and your families peace!
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