Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant is a leading company in production and trade of technical fluids for the automotive industry. More than 30 years of successful work, testify to stability and dynamic development.

Brake fluids produced by Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant have been tested over years by millions of automobile owners. They are designed for use in all disk and drum brake systems as well as for clutch systems of cars and trucks. The following are exclusive developments of the company: antiОxy anti-oxidant complex and D-4 PROTECT complex for rubber component protection prevent corrosion of metal surfaces of working members by neutralizing moisture that enters the brake fluid.


High boiling point of both dry and moistened fluid

Stability of viscosity-temperature properties over wide range

Low freezing point

Provide high efficiency braking under extreme conditions


  • Beneficial prices from the manufacturer.
  • The products meet the highest standards of quality and regulatory requirements.
  • Worldwide delivery.
  • The production of the enterprise is equipped with high-tech lines, which makes it possible to produce 200 tons of products every day.
  • A certified laboratory can develop a recipe individually upon request from a client.
  • We offer a complete production cycle – from development of the label design to creation of the unique formulation of the product, its manufacture and packaging.
  • We offer own-produced packaging.

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