Company history


Private small business company «VAMP» was officially registered in Cherkassy; in 1994 it was reorganized into Limited Liability Company «VAMP», which the next year started to manufacture products under VAMP brand.


The VAMP Limited Liability Company was founded, which next year began to produce products under the trade mark «VAMP» at the Shostka Chemical Reactants Plant.


The company purchased equipment to manufacture original PE packaging. The best designers and process engineers of the company keep working to improve the design and ergonomics of the packaging.


We started the construction of the plant in Cherkassy to produce and package cooling and brake fluids, motor oils.


Thanks to its impeccable business reputation and dynamic sales growth, the company became the official supplier of VAMP production to the mainline of «Auto ZAZ-DAEWOO».
Products of VAMP brand received the award «Golden Arch of Europe» for the excellence of the company's image and quality.


VAMP products were awarded the gold medal of the National contest «The highest grade».
We entered the international market. In addition to the regular streamlined deliveries of our products to neighboring countries, an agreement was signed for export of our brake fluids to Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Moldova and Belarus.


The manufacturer of VAMP products became the winner of the All-Ukrainian contest "100 best goods of Ukraine".

«VAMP» LLC became the laureate of the "Best Enterprise of Ukraine" rating in the category "Automobile Chemicals and Motor Oils".

The manufacturer of VAMP products became the winner of the first regional stage of the All-Ukrainian competition "100 best goods of Ukraine".


The plant began introduction of automatic lines, which allowed not only to increase production capacity and output, but also to control the process using a computer system.
Export of products to Georgia, Hungary and Armenia was started.
We took part in the III AutoShow Azerbaijan 2006 (Azerbaijan International Exhibition of Spare Parts, Accessories, and Service Equipment).
The company expands the production park of the polyethylene packaging shop by acquiring new imported machines.


Certification audit of the Quality Management System, which resulted in ISO 9001:2000 international certificate. The Company also received Certificate of compliance with the requirements of the national standard DSTU ISO 9001-2001.


"VAMP" LLC was reorganized to Limited Liability Company “Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant”.
VAMP products were distinguished with honor at XVIII Kiev International Motor Show SIA 2010 “For wide range and high quality of technical fluids for automotive industry (antifreezes, brake fluids, motor and transmission oils, auto care products).


Export of our products to other countries becomes the priority area of the activity of the company in accordance with the long-term program of entry into the world market.

We take part in International motor and accessories show "AUTOMOTIVE SPARE PARTS" and "MOTOR SHOW" in Kazakhstan.

Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant was distinguished with honor at XIX Kiev International Motor Show SIA 2011 "For the best autochemistry of domestic production presented at the motor show".


Based on the successful results of the certification audit, the International Certification Body issued the Certificate to prove that Cherkassy Autochemistry Plant LLC developed and implemented corporate Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2008.

May 2012 – Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant was distinguished with honor at Kiev International Motor Show SIA "For wide range and high quality of technical fluids for automotive industry represented at the show".


February 2015 – Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant, LLC underwent a recertification audit of the corporate quality management system for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008, on the results of which OSCert issued a confirmation certificate on 16.02.2015.


May 2018 – Quality management system of Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant, LLC was certified by QSCert in accordance with requirements of the International standard ISO 9001:2015.

Today Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant is the largest producer of automotive chemicals. The production of the plant has become a symbol of quality, as evidenced by high demand not only in Ukraine, but also in 50 countries of the world.


2019 – Extension of the range of motor oils of the VAMP brand.


2020 – LLC "Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant" successfully passed the second annual check of compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and confirmed the validity of the certificate.

2020 – The rebranding of TM VAMP has been completed.