Hand disinfection is not a choice, but the main safety rule to reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection.
PRIVATE LABEL is one of the most important areas in the Company activity boasting a history of successful development of the exclusive products.
Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant LLC celebrates its 30th anniversary.
Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant is one of the largest manufacturers of coolants, motors oils and a wide range of automobile chemical goods.
Depending on the prevailing process, either rubber swelling or shrinkage can occur and this can cause failure of the brake system. The brake fluids are also inert to metallic parts of the system.
The most reasonable criterion when choosing antifreeze is its composition but not colour. The ethylene glycol-based coolants are very popular today.
Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant specializes in the production and sale of automotive chemicals in barrels and in bulk — coolants, engine oil, gear oil, brake fluid.
We produce plastic canisters and PET bottles of different forms and volumes for storage and transportation of liquids.
​How often it is necessary to change the engine oil in the car so that it functions as efficiently as possible? It is believed that every 10-15 thousand kilometers.
Do you always change your hydraulic-brake fluid on time? Stable operation of the brake system ensures safety of not only a driver, but passengers as well. We recommend you to change the hydraulic-brake fluid on time.