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Motor oil SUPER 15W-40 VAMP

Multi-purpose multigrade high-quality mineral motor oil. Use of multifunctional additive package ensures excellent lubricating, viscosity-temperature and dispersion-detergent properties. Motor oil VAMP 15W-40 SUPER is recommended for uprated four-stroke diesel engines (naturally aspirated and turbocharged) and gasoline internal combustion engines of cars, minibuses, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery. It prevents formation of high temperature and low temperature deposits on the engine parts and ensures easy start of the engine at low temperatures and at the same time reduces starting wear. High antioxidant and anti-wear properties ensure stable engine operation in almost any climatic conditions.


- excellent lubricating, viscosity-temperature and dispersion-detergent properties;

- engine protection by means of a package of multifunctional additives;

- reduced power loss and fuel consumption;

- prevention of formation of high-temperature and low-temperature deposits on the engine parts.

Sanitary-hygienic conclusion: