• 4 L

Flushoil SAE 10 VAMP

Mineral flushoil with detergent additives of SAE 10 viscosity class. It is recommended for washing diesel and gasoline engines without disassembling when changing motor oil. The washing oil has selective method of cleansing, low viscosity, high oxidation and thermal stability. It thoroughly cleans internal surfaces of the engine of sludge, gum and varnish–type deposits, removes spent oil sludge. Mineral washing oil is an integral part of motor oil modification technology; it is recommended for all engines without exception. It is used both when changing motor oil and when switching to a different type of oil.

It is used for washing engine lubrication systems of all types of vehicles. The washing oil is to be thoroughly stirred prior to use. It is added to the motor oil just before the oil change. Start the engine and allow it to run idle for about 10-15 minutes. Stop the engine, drain the spent oil and fill the fresh oil. The washing oil is used in amount of 500 ml per 3-6 liters of oil. When using the product for 6-8–cylinder engines with more than 2.5 liter displacement and lubrication system volume more than 10 liters, or for very dirty engines, it is recommended to use 1000 ml of the product.


- removal of sludge, gum and varnish-type deposits from inner surfaces;

- selective method of cleansing;

- for washing diesel and gasoline engines without disassembling.