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Antifreeze yellow -40 CT11 VAMP

Antifreeze yellow VAMP is designed for use as a service liquid of the cooling system in vehicles of domestic and foreign make. The product is an upgrade of conventional coolants, so it complies with all present-day requirements for technical liquids. It has improved heat-exchange characteristics, increased protection against corrosion; the product is inert to the rubber parts of the cooling system, is characterized by low foaming and good lubricating properties. As the basis an additive package is used, which ensures additional protection for ferrous metals. Antifreeze yellow VAMP is recommended for use in buses, trucks and agricultural machines. Temperature of the beginning of crystallization = -38°С.


- effectively protects the cooling system at high and low temperatures;

- provides additional protection for ferrous metals used in the cooling system of vehicles;

- recommended for use in buses, trucks and agricultural machines. 

Sanitary-hygienic conclusion: