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Brake fluid РОS DOT 4 VAMP

High-temperature brake fluid of DOT 4 class, designed for use in hydraulic disk and drum brakes, as well as for vehicle clutches of all brands. Formulation: a composition of glycol alcohols and ethers with the addition of high-boiling, plasticizing, anti-corrosion additives. It contains an antiOxy antioxidant complex and D 4 PROTECT rubber component protection complex.

An improved additive package is used to prevent rubber swelling. Boling point of the dry fluid is not lower than 230°С, boiling point of the moistened fluid is not lower than 155°С. The product is recommended for use in vehicles of foreign make. Compatible in all ratios with other glycol-based brake fluids.


- use of a unique additive package that guarantees fail safe operation of the entire system;

- wide temperature range of performance;

-  the best for present-day vehicles from Ukrainian producer.

Sanitary-hygienic conclusion: