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VAMP antifreeze CT12+ red -30°С

It is an upgraded new generation carboxyl-containing antifreeze with extended service life. It has a high coefficient of heat transmission, since it forms the thinnest protective film only at the places where corrosion starts, which allows to extend the service life of additives. Provides balanced cooling system protection under extreme temperature conditions. We have been able to increase the service life of antifreezes thanks to the use of the latest balanced additive package, which has high oxidation resistance when contacting with various metals. VAMP antifreeze CT12+ is recommended for all main types of cast iron and aluminum engines. The antifreeze has better operational properties as compared with traditional and similar coolants. It is absolutely safe for vehicles of foreign make and domestically made cars.

Liquid color is red.

  • High thermal capacity and thermal conductivity (efficient heat take-off and removal).
  • Durability in high-temperature conditions of modern engines.
  • 100% protection of metals against corrosion and cavitation.
  • Prevent local overheating.
  • Low chilling and freezing temperatures.
  • High boiling point and heat of vaporization.
  • Inertness to rubber hose pipes, gaskets and polymers.
  • Save properties during work and storage.
Sanitary-hygienic conclusion: