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VAMP antifreeze CT11 blue -30°С

They are the upgraded ethylene glycol-based coolants of the new generation with the addition of a package of anti-corrosion, anti-foam and stabilizing additives that form a protective film on the surface of the materials of the cooling system. They are hybrid, due to the content of organic inhibitors and inorganic ones - silicates, nitrites, phosphates depending on the production technology. The additive package ensures the stability of all operational characteristics and their compliance with the highest requirements for modern coolants. It effectively protects all engine parts from corrosion, prevents engine overheating. The product is intended for use in any engine cooling systems of domestically made and imported cars.

Liquid color is blue.


•High thermal capacity and thermal conductivity (efficient heat take-off and removal).

•Durability in high-temperature conditions of modern engines.

•100% protection of metals against corrosion and cavitation.

•Prevent local overheating.

•Low chilling and freezing temperatures.

•High boiling point and heat of vaporization.

•Inertness to rubber hose pipes, gaskets and polymers.

•Save properties during work and storage.

Sanitary-hygienic conclusion: