How should a washing liquid be selected?

Four critical parameters should be considered when buying a washing liquid: composition (cleaning ability), freezing temperature (if this is antifreeze), packing and odor.

Composition. The compulsory component of the windshield washing liquid is surface active substances (SAS) that fulfil the function of a cleaner and remove contaminants from windshield. To ensure environmental friendliness of these substances, SAS must be highly biodegradable. All our washing liquids pass this test, which is confirmed by the Declaration of Conformity. In relation to a winter antifreeze, the type of alcohol used in this windshield washing liquid is also critical. It is allowed to use highly treated ethyl or isopropyl alcohol which is not harmful to driver and passengers and ensures efficient operation of the washing liquid in any frost. If the composition specified on the product label contains methyl alcohol, put the bottle on the shelf. Freezing temperature. This parameter is critical for winter washing liquid since the washing liquid behavior in frost depends on it. If you buy a ready-to-use antifreeze fluid, its label should indicate temperatures at which the fluid remains liquid and does not freeze. As a rule, manufactures indicate - 5 °C, - 10 °C, - 20 °C and other temperatures on the label. It's up to you to choose the fluid depending on climate in the region you live in.

Packing. The situation is simple here; just choose what you like more, what is more convenient in your opinion.

Odor. In relation to the washing liquid odor, the main rule lies in the absence of strong or sugary odor, If you suffer from allergy, choose the product which composition has no dyes and flavours.