Rebranding TM VAMP: new logo, design and slogan

Dear partners and buyers of products of the Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant! We are glad to inform you about rebranding of TM VAMP.
Rebranding is a great opportunity to show our customers that we are trying to listen to them and provide the best assortment, we are constantly improving product quality. The company Cherkasy Autochemistry Plant has presented a new 3D logo, slogan, updated brand style. For each product, we created a new label, adapting it to the form of packaging.
Today, products under the VAMP brand are popular in more than 30 countries. Thanks to the optimal combination of price and quality, VAMP managed to conquer the world market and firmly establish itself on it. As part of the rebranding on the labels of all VAMP products, the English language and labeling correspondence appeared to develop the markets of new export countries.

Logo and protection
The updated logo has become English-language, dynamic and more vibrant. The updated logo also reflects information about the brand's new philosophy - the desire for innovation and development. To protect against tampering, products are manufactured with an exclusive two-component lid with the VAMP logo on 3, 5 and 10 liter canisters.

The brand’s new tagline is “Always innovative.” The new positioning responds to the fact that the brand has improved and the range is constantly updated so that everyone can find what he needs.

The changes affected the range of products of the brand VAMP. The range of ready-made antifreeze, antifreeze concentrates and antifreeze VAMP expanded to more than 170 positions in blue, red, yellow, green. In addition, for the convenience of consumers, the range of all types of coolants is presented in the following packaging: 1l, 3l, 5l, 10l, 20l, 30l, 60l, 200l, 1000l.
VAMP antifreeze and antifreeze line with two types of products:
• premium antifreezes and antifreezes on monoethylene glycol;
• coolants containing propantriol.

5W-30 Drive, 5W-40 Energy and 10W-40 Ultra, 15W-40 Turbo Diesel engine oils are now presented in the VAMP gold branded canister. Also, the line was updated with SAE 15W-40 and 20W-50 oils  specification for highly accelerated four-stroke diesel engines (naturally aspirated and turbocharged) and gasoline internal combustion engines of cars, vans and trucks. We remind you that VAMP engine oils are highly oxidatively stable and have excellent detergent properties. We use a special complex of additives of well-known brands that have the approvals of auto manufacturers, which guarantees the stability of the characteristics of motor oils under extreme operating conditions in a wide range of operating temperatures. The highest level of reliability, resistance to loaded modes - a distinctive feature of motor oils. The absence of mechanical impurities is guaranteed due to the use of a multi-stage filtration system during the filling process (including a 10-micron filter immediately before filling the canister.

Three new products also appeared in the VAMP brand transmission oil line - 80W-90, ATF IID, ATF III in golden comfortable liter canisters.

Changing the external style, the products remain the standard of quality. In the future, the company plans to add new products to the VAMP brand line. Stay tuned for company news.

PAY ATTENTION! For some time, products will be on sale in both the new and previous designs.