Happy Independence Day of Ukraine

Happy Independence Day of Ukraine

At the end of summer, on August 24th, the birthday of our country in 2023 marks its 32nd year. This young nation, still in its formative stage, is currently going through its most challenging period in modern history. In school, our history teachers taught us and spoke about Kievan Rus, the establishment of the Kievan State in the 9th century, the great diplomat of Europe, Yaroslav the Wise, the Christianization of Rus by Vladimir the Great, and Princess Olga. The Hetman period – Ivan Mazepa, the Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk – attempts to establish clear rules for a free Ukraine, and Bogdan Khmelnitsky. On November 20th, 1917, the proclamation of the Ukrainian People's Republic – UPR by Mykhailo Hrushevsky. A glorious history closely intertwined with a millennium-long struggle for liberation, featuring heroes that cannot be enumerated, just as it is impossible to name every Ukrainian individually.

Our path to independence in 1991 was rocky, watered by human fates, yet Ukraine achieved independence. History repeats itself again and again – the fight for independence and freedom is an ongoing endeavor.

We are part of the grand path to freedom, every step bringing us closer, every act of dedication and bravery from our warriors contributing to the affirmation of our national dignity.

Greetings on the Independence Day of Ukraine, we want to commence with words of gratitude to all those who fought in the past and continue to fight in the present for Ukraine's and its people's freedom.

Thank you!

Today, we collectively face new challenges and tasks. We possess the strength and determination to strive for a better future for our country, as our ancestors did, as we do now. Together, we are building a modern, strong, and prosperous Ukraine, a source of pride for every Ukrainian.

May this path be illuminated by will and faith, and may our efforts lead to new victories and achievements. Let our independence be the most precious treasure that we will pass on to descendants with pride and responsibility.

We wish our Ukraine strength, resilience, unity, astuteness, and positive change. May the fire burn in the hearts of each one of us, uniting us in the swift current of history.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

With respect, Team of LLC "Cherkasy Autochemical Plant" August 24.08.2023