​ 2T Vamp Oil: effective solution for Two-stroke engines

​ 2T Vamp Oil: effective solution for Two-stroke engines


Two-stroke engines are used in various machinery, from scooters and motorcycles to lawnmowers and brushcutters. For their reliable operation, special oil mixed with gasoline is required. 2T Vamp oil is specifically designed for such engines, ensuring their efficiency and longevity.

Features of Two-Stroke Engines

Two-stroke engines perform two strokes per crankshaft revolution. This makes them compact and powerful but requires a special approach to lubrication since they lack a separate oil system. The oil mixes with the fuel and burns with it, providing lubrication and cooling to the engine parts.

Advantages of 2T Vamp Oil

2T Vamp oil is made from high-quality components, providing:

  • High miscibility with gasoline even at low temperatures.
  • Excellent anti-wear and protective properties at high temperatures.
  • Low carbon and ash content due to complete combustion.
  • Minimal smoke formation, enhancing environmental friendliness.
  • Spark plug cleaning and preventing premature ignition.

Applications of 2T Vamp Oil

Brushcutters and Lawnmowers

Brushcutters and lawnmowers often operate under heavy conditions, requiring high reliability from the engine. 2T Vamp oil ensures stable operation, reducing wear and carbon buildup, significantly extending the machinery's service life.

Other Applications

2T Vamp oil is also suitable for:

  • Chainsaws: Ensures efficient operation and reduces the risk of breakdowns.
  • Motorcycles and Scooters: Guarantees stable engine operation even at high speeds.
  • Boat Engines: Prevents corrosion and deposit formation.

Correct Gasoline-Oil Ratio

Adhering to the correct gasoline-oil ratio is crucial. The most common proportions are:

  • 25:1 for heavily loaded engines.
  • 32:1 for standard operating conditions.
  • 50:1 for modern high-efficiency engines.

2T Vamp oil easily mixes with gasoline, ensuring even distribution and effective lubrication.

Choosing Oil for Two-Stroke Engines

When choosing oil for a two-stroke engine, follow the manufacturer's recommendations. It is important to consider the type of oil base (mineral, synthetic, or semi-synthetic) and its purpose. 2T Vamp oil is a versatile solution that meets the requirements of most two-stroke engines.


2T Vamp oil is a reliable choice for any machinery with two-stroke engines. Its high lubricating and protective properties ensure long and stable engine operation, reducing maintenance costs and extending the service life of your equipment. Choose 2T Vamp oil and be confident in the reliability of your equipment.