Motor oils

High-quality engine oils can considerably reduce costs for fuel. How does this occur? A considerable part of energy is used to overcome friction resistance of interacting engine parts. Use of high-quality engine oils in the engine considerably reduces the friction resistance.More
Engine oil shall be changed in accordance with the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer. As a rule, it is changed each 10–15 thousand km travelled. However, the situation is not simple as it seems. Changes in oil properties depend to a large extent on road surface quality.More
Oil filters should be replaced each time the oil is changed. The filter cleans and collects all solids of dirt and metals in the engine oil.More
1. The vehicle must be parked on flat surface. After switching off the engine, wait until the oil is drained into the crankcase housing. 2. Remove the rod, wipe it and reinstall, check the oil level again. 3.More
The allowable normal flow rate of oil in up-to-date engines is up to 0.5 l per 1,000 km. The oil flow rate rate in previous engines is considerably higher. This may result in wear of piston rings or crankshaft seals.More
In the process of operation, incomplete combustion products, i. e. burnt deposit and varnishes are accumulated in the engine oil. The engine oil also undergoes oxidation processes when exposed to high temperature in the engine. This results in formation of oxidation products – tar dark substances.More
The nature and speed of oil ageing depend on the engine boost, quantity of fuel entering the oil, quality of fuel used in the engine, operating conditions, worn-out state of engine parts and units and the vehicle, etc. Oil ageing is accompanied by changes in its physical and chemical indicators.More
This information should be specified on the product label. The shelf life of engine oils manufactured by Cherkasy Automobile Chemicals Plant is 5 years.More
This may have different reasons, for example, low oil level, oil pump failure, oil pressure transmitter failure, etc. In any case, the engine must be off as soon as possible because further operation may lead to a major damage.  More